Welcome to the new APPG on British Muslims

On Tuesday 18 July, the new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims held an inaugural meeting, where Members of both Houses attended in great number to elect its Officers.

Muslims play a significant part in Britain’s social, economic and political fabric, yet they face many challenges. The Muslim population is unique in that it is relatively young, and is the most ethnically and culturally diverse religious group in the UK. Therefore, it is important for Parliamentarians and wider society to understand and engage with British Muslim communities.

The APPG will seek to highlight and celebrate the successes and positive contributions of British Muslims to society, while addressing the obstacles that many Muslims still face. It will advance a more inclusive and positive discourse about British Muslims and draw attention to their full potential, particularly that of British Muslim youth, who will become a significant part of Britain's working age population in the near future. In addition, it will consider the social attitudes of Muslim communities, both positive and negative – as well as that of wider society towards Muslims, while building on the work of the former APPG on Islamophobia to strengthen the political will to challenge anti-Muslim hatred and sentiment.

For more information, visit the ‘About’ page of this website, follow the APPG on Twitter and Facebook, and get in touch using the form on the 'Contact & Subscribe' page.