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Made In Britain: MECONOMICS

British Muslim contributions to enterprise and entrepreneurship in the UK has a long and illustrious record demonstrating the zeal, innovation and creativity emerging from their Muslim experiences. The diversity of British Muslims and strong inflection of Islamic religious beliefs has shaped a vibrant business culture within Muslim communities and in economic sectors responsive to and cognisant of the growth potential of Muslim consumer markets at home, and abroad. Women are a leading component of Muslim lifestyle markets and we are keen to better understand the role and cultural significance of Muslim female-led businesses in the 'halal' economy.

The global halal food and lifestyle market is estimated to reach $3.7 trillion in market value in 2019. The recent State of the Global Islam Economy report by Thomson Reuters found that the Muslim Lifestyle sector is growing at twice the rate of the global economy and that by 2030, the Muslim middle class will triple in size to 900 million, boosting consumer demand in markets around the world.

This inquiry will seek to:

· survey the state of the Muslim business sector in the UK, and the barriers faced by Muslim-led businesses to enterprise and entrepreneurship.

· assess the size, contributions and growth potential of the 'halal' economy and the role of UK based businesses in driving global demand for goods and services that are meeting the needs of Muslim (and other ethical) consumers.

· assess the support provided to budding Muslim entrepreneurs through formal methods (start-up loans) and informal networks of mentoring, business advice and networking opportunities.

· highlight the breadth of the Muslim lifestyle market and its future trajectory; barriers to entry, obstacles to growth and promoting deeper integration in mainstream business practice.

· investigate the role of Muslim women led businesses in the 'halal' economy.

We welcome written evidence to our lines of inquiry as specified above.

Written submissions should be sent to the APPG on British Muslims - - by Monday 14th October 2019.

Oral evidence sessions will start in November 2019. Further details will be published on the APPG on British Muslims website in due course.

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